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Wealth Management


Client Centered

Managing one’s wealth is a relationship that consists of trust and confidence. When it comes to investment management we believe one size doesn’t fit all. Our unique process allows us to use the tools necessary to establish a plan specific to your financial goals. Our trusted advisors use unique tools to create a program specific to you. We analyze your risk, time horizon, and future liquidity needs. Based on these items we create a portfolio outlining strategies and goals to guide you to your financial needs and wants. Once we have implemented your plan specific needs we regularly evaluate and review to help ensure you are on track for your financial goals.

  1. Understand client’s goals, preferences, risk tolerance, and time horizon
  2. Develop an appropriate asset allocation
  3. Create an investment policy statement
  4. Manage client expectations
  5. Prudently invest and monitor portfolio  


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13 Wealth Management Issues


Qualified Retirement Plans

Stock compensation


Liabilities/Liquidity Needs

Tilting of Assets/Asset Protection

Durable Power of Attorney & Medical Detectives


Gifting to Children/Descendants/Others during Life

Charitable Gifting During Life

Distribution of Wealth at Death to Spouse/Descendants/others

Charitable Inclinations at Death

Business Owner Interests


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