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Group Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Having a great mix of benefits not only benefits your employees but will benefit you. We want you to attract great employees and retain them for many years to come! Group Insurance is a great benefit for you and your employees. Our advisors work with many different companies so that we are able to give you options. This ensures you are getting the best benefits and pricing.

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Group Life Insurance
Group life insurance is a type of life insurance in which there is a single contract that covers an entire group of people. Employers can purchase life insurance on their employees as part of an employee benefit. The employer is the owner of the policy and it continues until the term ends or termination of employment.

 Group Disability Insurance
Group disability insurance for short term or long term is available to employers as part of an employee benefit. Disability covers partial or all of an employee’s wages in the event of injury, illness, or disability for a short or long period of time. Employers will purchase disability insurance as a benefit for their full-time employees. In the event employment is terminated, coverage is terminated as well.


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