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Our Process


The Cornerstone Planning Process centers around providing solutions to the most difficult financial decisions and issues our clients’ face including:

  • Assuring that income will continue throughout the client's lifetime
  • Transferring assets to heirs correctly and efficiently in the event of a death
  • Minimizing income tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, etc.
  • Managing risk and protecting assets
  • Funding college and other expenses

Our 6 Step Process

1.    Understand Your Goals (retirement, future plans, education, etc.)

2.    Gather Information on Your Current Financial Situation

3.    Perform Gap Analysis to Determine What You Need to Achieve Goals

4.    Develop and Provide Options and Recommendations for You

5.    Implement Strategies and Recommendations

6.    Monitor Your Plan to Optimize for Your Goals


Goals-Based Investing

Our clients have an individual investment strategy that is developed and guided by their individual goals and needs. We take the time to understand the risk tolerance and risk capacity of each client. It is only then that we can prepare an investment strategy to reach specific objectives.

Active Investment Management

Our focus is on producing a consistent result for our clients based on their goals and needs. The objective is to help clients reach their specific goals through actively managing the risk to reward ratio in the investments in order to help protect clients’ assets from the downside of investing.

Top-Notch Research

Through Cetera Research (the second largest independent broker-dealer in the country), we have access to outstanding resources to deliver sound investment advice and insights to you. These include thought leadership on the latest detailed market information as well as investment perspectives, asset allocation strategies, and investment ideas and recommendations.‚Äč  Visit Cetera's website ( to learn more about the research we leverage in order to help our clients meet their goals.